How to use renewals of a course purchase if user has a disabled enrollment in LMS

Q: How do I change my Moodle unenrollment workflow so that users are not removed from a course after the 30 daysand how will work with LMScheckout?. Currently when a user reaches their 30 day period, Moodle will unenroll them from the course. This causes some issues with reporting.. 
I can update the Moodle side to keep a user's enrolment in a course, by disabling their access. The concern is how LMSCheckout will react. Will this course show up in their inventory as a purchased course? If they renew, will a new enrolment method be added? Or will the platform attempt to use the existing, but disabled enrolment?

A: To manage a course purchase that has a limited enrollment period The LMSCheckout admin needs to enable the course in LMScheckout using the "renewal" option.

Then the enrollment duration should be set in the LMS for whatever period of time is determined. For example, if the course enrollment is set for 30 days. After 30 days, the LMS unenrolls the user and LMSCheckout puts the course in renewal mode on t. It remains on the users My Learning page, but it's not active. The button says "renew" instead of launch. Our system doesn't really care what status they are in Moodle. If they renew, then we make them an active student in the course again. They are activated using the same enrollment method, which is just Manual. 

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  • 05-Sep-2018