Restricting users from self enrolling in courses they have not paid for through Bridge LMS

The Bridge Learning Library is set up to allow users to enroll in courses. If precautions are not made to limit that access, LMScheckout users can gain access to paid courses through the LMS and enroll themselves into paid courses by bypassing Lmscheckout. This issue is typically caused by courses being added to a group within Bridge and the courses being set to available in the Bridge library for learners. Learners who are part of that group can bypass the LMScheckout workflow and self-enroll themselves into those courses. This is fine if you want to offer free classes to your users, but will be a problem if the courses in that group require payment as means of enrollment.     

In Bridge, users can self-enroll in courses that they have not paid for If courses are set to be available in the Library. If you have courses that should not be readily available for all users, then you will need to remove them from the Library. 

To remove a course from the Library follow the steps below: 

  1. From the Application Switcher select Author
  2. Search for the name of the course you want to remove from the Library
  3. Click on the name of the course to pull up the course page
  4. From the course page, click on the Groups tab
  5. Next to the All Learners group, click the 'x' icon and confirm the removal
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  • 05-Sep-2019